UPMSP Blueprint 2020 for (10th-12th) Download | UP Board Marking Scheme

UPMSP Blueprint 2020 for (10th-12th) Download | UP Board Marking Scheme

UPMSP Blueprint 2020, UP Board Blueprint 2020, UP Board Class 12 Marking Scheme 2020, UP Board 10th Blueprint 2020 Pdf, upmsp.edu.in Blueprint 2020

Download pdf latest updated UPMSP Blueprint 2020 for Class 10th and Class 12th Board Examinations. If you are looking to download pdf UP Board Blueprint 2020, then you have visited correct page and you can download latest Marking Scheme of UP Board as we have mentioned below here on this Page.

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Download UP Board Blueprint 2020 from here. Yes, you have read that correct. All those aspirants who have applied for Uttar Pradesh Board Class 12th Final Exams 2020, should download all Subject UPMSP Blueprint 2020 from here. As we all know that every year aspirants download 12th Class Subject Wise UP Board Class 10-12 Marking Scheme 2020 from the official website to know about the Exam Pattern. With the help of UPMSP Blueprint 2020, you all may collect news that which chapter contains how much markings?

UPMSP Blueprint 2020

We know that all aspirants are so much curious this time and they just want to know about UP Board Blueprint 2020. Well here is the mind blowing news that aspirants may get that from this page. You just need to click on the below link and download UP Board 10th-12th Class UPMSP Blueprint 2020 in PDF format. Don’t waste this precious time because Final Exams are going to be held in upcoming days. We are wishing all aspirants best of luck for the Annual Exams 2020. At this time, aspirants are also taking extra coaching to crack all Exam Papers. Check out below instructions and get to know about the UP Board Exams 2020.

Main Board Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh
Class or Standard Class 12th
Session 2019-2020
Location of Exam Uttar Pradesh State
Date of Annual Exams Feb-March 2020
Category of Page All Subjects Blueprints
Status Available now
Main Web Link upmsp.edu.in
UP Board 10th Blueprint 2020 Online Available
UP Board 12th Blueprint 2020 Download pdf

UP Board Class 10th-12th blueprint 2020 finally mandatory to know by all the aspirants this time. If you still don’t know that then you must download that immediately. Uttar Pradesh Board Class 10th-12th Blueprints 2020 will available on the official website only. You just need to tap below link or Subject and download that Subject Blueprint very easily. These Exams will be organized in the month of March and April 2020.

UPMSP Blueprint 2020
UPMSP Blueprint 2020

UP Board Blueprint 2020

We can understand about the curiousness of all applicants this time. They are all willing to get UP Board Blueprint 2020 from this page so that they can start easy preparation for these Exams. We are wishing all of you to get latest news of these exams. Class 12th is containing three Streams and that are Arts, Commerce and Science. All three streams are important because every stream has its own value. This is also last class for Schooling. Now below here we have mentioned detailed UPMSP Blueprint 2020 for both Class 10th as well as Class 12th.

UP Board Class 10th Marking Scheme 2020:

UP Board 10th Maths Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Unit Unit name Marks
1. 1 Number system 05 Marks
2. 2 Algebra 18 Marks
3. 3 Coordinate geometry 05 Marks
4. 4 Geometry 12 Marks
5. 5 Trigonometry 12 Marks
6. 6 In security 08 Marks
7. 7 Statistical and probability 10 Marks
    Total 70 Marks
UP Board 10th Science Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Unit number Title Marks Duration
1. unit 1. Light 10 Marks 30
2. Unit 2 Impact of electricity and electricity 15 Marks 45
3. Unit 3 Chemical Substances – Nature and behavior 10 Marks 45
4. unit 4. Organic Chemistry 10 Marks 20
5. unit 5. Biological world 15 Marks 45
6. Unit 6. Genetics and Bio Development 10 Marks 35
Total 70 Marks 220
UP Board 10th Social Science Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Units Name of Units Marks
1. Unit/Section-1 Historical and Cultural Heritage 20 Marks
2. Unit/Section-2 Civil Life 15 Marks
3. Unit/Section-3 Environmental Studies 20 Marks
4. Unit/Section-4 Economic Development 15 Marks
    Total 70 Marks
UP Board 10th English Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Sections Marks
1. Prose 16 Marks
2. Poetry 07 Marks
3. Supplementary Reader 12 Marks
4. English Grammar 15 Marks
5. Composition 6 Marks
6. Translation 4 Marks
7. Letter Writing/Application Writing 4 Marks
8. Comprehension (Unseen) 6 Marks
Total 70 Marks


UP Board 10th Hindi Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Sections Marks
1. Short introduction to the development of Hindi prose 5 Marks
2. Brief introduction of Hindi verse 5 Marks
3. Set Paty object to prose From 6 Marks
4. Set Paty object for Poetry 6 Marks
5. Translation in Hindi 4 Marks
6. The introduction and compositions of writers and poets of prescribed texts 6 Marks
7. Elements of poetry beauty 6 Marks
8. Elements of Hindi grammar-composition 11 Marks
9. Sanskrit grammar and translation 8 Marks
10. Essay based on scientific, social, religious, cultural, economic problems and topics based on population, health education, environment and traffic rules 6 Marks
11. Clause poetry brief plot events, characterization 3 Marks
  Total 70 Marks

 UP Board 10th Blueprint 2020 Pdf

UP Board 10th Computer Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Sections Marks
1. Computers and Communications 15 Marks
2. Linux operating system 10 Marks
3. Binary Semantic and Logic Gates 10 Marks
4. Advanced programming in C 10 Marks
5. Array and String 15 Marks
6. Using File Operations 10 Marks
  Total 70 Marks


UP Board 10th Home Science Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Sections Marks
1. House management 15 Marks
2. Health care 15 Marks
3. Textile and cotton science 10 Marks
4. Food and nutrition science 15 Marks
5. First aid and home care 15 Marks
Total 70 Marks

UP Board Class 12 Marking Scheme 2020

UP Board Class 12th Blueprint 2020:

UP Board 12th Mathematics Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Sections Marks
1. Relation and function 10 Marks
2. Algebra 13 Marks
3. Function 44 Marks
4. Vector and three dimensional geometry 17 Marks
5. Linear programming 06 Marks
6. Probability 10 Marks
Total 100 Marks


UP Board 12th Physical Science Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Sections Marks
1. Static electricity  08 Marks
2. Current electricity  07 Marks
3. Magnetic effect and magnetism of the stream  08 Marks
4. Electromagnetic induction and current stream  08 Marks
5. Electromagnetic waves  04 Marks
Total 35 Marks


UP Board 12th Biology Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Sections Marks
1. Optics  13 Marks
2. Matter and duality nature  04 Marks
3. Atomic and nucleus  06 Marks
4. Electronic tips  08 Marks
5. Communication system  04 Marks
  Total 35 Marks
UP Board 12th Chemistry Science Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Sections Marks
1. Solid State 03 Marks
2. Merger 05 Marks
3. Valid Chemistry 05 Marks
4. Chemical Convolution 05 Marks
5. Page Chemistry 04 Marks
6. Principles And Procedure For Extraction Of Elements 04 Marks
7. Elements Of P-Block 07 Marks
8. D. And Elements Of F – Block 03 Marks
9. Sub-Connecting Compound 04 Marks
10. Hello Alken And Haloirin 04 Marks
11. Alcohol, Final And Ether 05 Marks
12. Aliddide Ketone, Carboxylic Acid 05 Marks
13. Nitrogenous Organic Compounds 04 Marks
14. Bio-Atom 06 Marks
15. Polymer 03 Marks
16. Chemicals In Daily Life 03 Marks
Total 70 Marks
UP Board 12th Biology Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Sections Marks
1. Genitalia 14 Marks
2. Genetics and development 18 Marks
3. Biology & Human Welfare 14 Marks
4. Biotechnology and its applications 10 Marks
5. Ecological and environmental 14 Marks
  Total 70 Marks


UP Board 12th Economics Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Unit Sections Marks
1. Unit-1 Exchange 15 Marks
2. Unit-2 Distribution 15 Marks
3. Unit-3 Revenue 10 Marks
4. Unit-4 National Income 10 Marks
5. Unit-5 10 Marks
6. Unit-6 05 Marks
7. Unit-7 10 Marks
8. Unit-8 05 Marks
9. Unit-9 10 Marks
10. Unit-10 Statistics 10 Marks
    Total 100 Marks

 upmsp.edu.in Blueprint 2020

UP Board 12th Business Organization and correspondence Blueprint 2020:
Sr. No. Unit Sections Marks
1. Unit-1 Preparation of domestic trade, invoices and sales details (in Hindi or English) 15 Marks
2. Unit-2 Foreign Trade Invoice & Import Export Trade 15 Marks
3. Unit-3 Business management, area and importance. The main systems of management, the functioning of the business office, the office of the manager 20 Marks
4. Unit-4 Business Letters 10 Marks
5. Unit-5 Gazette 10 Marks
6. Unit-6 Papers for appointment, newspapers and news releases in newspapers 10 Marks
7. Unit-7 Capital market means organization, problems and control. Capital Market Terminology 20 Marks
Total 100 Marks


UP Board 12th English Blueprint 2020:
Section-A (50 Marks)
Sr. No. Sections Marks
1. Explanation with reference to the context (One passage from Prose and one stanza from poetry) 16 Marks
2. One short answer type question from prose (not to exceed 30 words) 4 Marks
3. Vocabulary (based on Prose text) 4 Marks
4. Central Idea of any one poem 6 Marks
5. One long answer type question from The Merchant of Venice (Not to exceed 75 words) 8 Marks
6. wo short answer type questions from Short Stories (Not to exceed 30 words) 8 Marks
7. Figures of Speech. Define any one of the following figures of speech with examples (Simile, Metaphor, Personification, A apostrophe, Oxymoron, Onomatopoeia, Hyperbole) 4 Marks
Section-B (50 Marks)
Sr. No. Unit Sections Marks
1. Grammar Direct and Indirect Narration 2 Marks
2. Synthesis 2 Marks
3. Transformation 2 Marks
4. Syntax (Correction of sentences) 2 Marks
5. Vocabulary Synonyms 3 Marks
6. Antonyms 3 Marks
7. Homophones 3 Marks
8. One-word substitution 3 Marks
9. Idioms and phrases 3 Marks
10. Translation: Hindi to English 10 Marks
11. Essay Writing 12 Marks
12. Unseen Passage 6 Marks

The Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh is also known as UP Board is the State Board which every year conducts 10th class and 12th Class Final Exams in UP State. These Exams are conducted in various Exam Centers of the state. The main Head quarter of UP is located in Allahabad. Official language of UP Board is Hindi. You should also know about the Parent Organization of UP Board which is Department of Education, Uttar Pradesh, Government of Uttar Pradesh.

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We are going to share all best information regarding UP Board Blueprint 2020 and Final Exams 2020 here on this page. You may collect all kind of instructions of these exams from here and stay updated all the time. We are wishing all the aspirants best of luck for all subjects Final Exams 2020.

We have provided detailed UP Board Blueprint 2020 for Class 10th-12th, if you have still any major exam related query – feel free to leave comment below on the comment Section.

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